St. Patrick’s Day in Pinehurst!


Looking for a fun week in Pinehurst? Annual British Heritage Celebration is going on now at the Squire’s Pub and runs through to their big St. Patrick’s Day Party Tuesday, March 17th!

Here are some of the specials (starting tonight!):

  • Wednesday – Irish Beef Stew with Guinness Stout
  • Thursday – Cornish Pasties n’ Chips
  • Friday & Saturday – Dublin Lawyer and Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding

squires-pub_0And that’s not all! Come and join the party March 17th at The Squire’s Pub, the best place for delicious Irish Food and hearty Irish Drink – a must on St. Patty’s Day! They’ ‘ll be celebrating all day long and plan on having a dancing leprechaun, shenanigans and fun!

The Squire’s Pub/Restaurant is locally owned pub located in Moore County, NC. In addition to the amazing atmosphere and food (the best corned beef n’ cabbage and shepherd’s pie!) – the pub also has a great beer selection featuring some of the finest British Ales and a nice wine list, as well!
Devonshire-300x199Did you know? The Squire’s Pub has received numerous awards and recognition for excellence in the restaurant business?  It’s true! Here are just a few of their honors: Winner of “Best All Around Restaurant”, “Best Burger”, “Best Martini”, “Best Place for Lunch Under $10.” & 21 more Best of Moore Awards, The Pilot Newspaper, making The Squire’s Pub and Restaurant the most award winning restaurant in Moore County, NC ever!.

Walk-ins always welcomed at The Squire’s Pub!  Reservations taken for large groups, and there is an acre of parking in the back of the restaurant.

Hope to see you there! Have a shamROCKING Day!


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A Must See! Beautifully Maintained Townhome in Pinehurst!



Beautifully maintained spacious 3 possibly 4 bedroom home!

Over $50,000 in upgrades during past 9 years.
New roof and retractable awning in 2013 as well as a synthetic,
low maintenance deck installed in 2012!

Includes two heat pumps (upper and main levels).

Includes transferable Pinehurst Country Club 1-6 membership with
buyer to pay prevailing transfer fee.

Conveniently located to shopping, hospital, and college.


This is a must see! Call Gloria Sectish today at
(910) 691.7831 for more information!

For more information on 5 Colonial Pines,  click here.


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For more information on 5 Colonial Pine
or properties listed with Sandhills Luxury Homes, contact Gloria Sectish!

It’s snowing Again? What’s so Funny?

Snow_Pinehurst ResortWell, if you are a member of Pinehurst Resort… Comedy Night this Friday, January 30th promises something funny and some comfort food to boot.

Featuring comedians John Betz Jr. and Glenn Strange – you can enjoy an evening of laughs, magic and just good fun!

A delicious buffet dinner begins at 6:00 pm followed by a fun filled evening to entertain the crowds.

The event is open to all Pinehurst Members and $34.00 includes dinner and entertainment.  So even though you can’t be outside on the course with your friends you can still enjoy their company with dinner and entertainment at the Members Club.

Don’t miss Comedy Night at Pinehurst!!!!

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Believe it or Not … We Had Snow in Pinehurst!

What do you do when the courses at Pinehurst close for a snow day?


I’m heading to the Main Clubhouse for SPORTSNIGHT! This is just another reason why I love having a Pinehurst membership!

Join your fellow friends this Saturday , February 28th from 6-9pm.  It’s a great way to get together with other members and enjoy indoor putting, foosball, ping pong and savor some tasty food and a variety of great wines and beers.

Even if Golf is on a temporary set back due to a few inches of snow, there is no reason to stay home! The snow should be gone in a few days and I’ll be ready to tackle the courses again!

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend!

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Staging to Sell!


There are lots of staging tips out there, but today I wanted to share the things that really worked for me as I prepared to sell past homes in the Pinehurst area.  The houses that Sandhills Luxury Homes helped sell never looked like they belonged in a magazine, but taking some purposeful steps towards pleasing potential buyers went a long way!

Check out my recommendations below!


I know you’ve heard this before, but it is CRUCIAL to staging successfully.  Often, we don’t even realize the clutter that has accumulated in front of our eyes – and while it might be okay (or even necessary) to normal daily life in your house, it has got to go.  Clear off your kitchen countertops COMPLETELY with the exception of one or two things – remove the canisters, the toaster, the dish drying rack, the bread box, etc.


This sort of goes along with de-cluttering…but you also need to remove most personal touches in your home.  Swap out your family photos with generic art that you can easily create yourself with pretty nature photos from old calendars or even cloth napkins or other fabrics!


Find all the things that you look past on a daily basis – sticky or loose doorknobs, chipping paint, dings or gouges in the wall, etc.  Remember, a fresh coat of (neutral!) paint can go a long way in making a room look like new!

6First impressions are everything!  Make your front porch/front stoop look as welcoming as possible.  Depending on the season, a bit of color from some nice bedding plants or a hanging basket can make a lot of difference.  Don’t forget to make it look clean and well-maintained, too – sweep off the porch, pull weeds, and do a bit of edging along the sidewalk.  Rent a pressure washer to wash the deck, front porch, and siding.


And, finally, create a “Showing Checklist.”  Hopefully you know that you will need to leave the house each time it is shown.  To help you when you’re on your way out the door, create a brief checklist of things to do right before you leave the house when you have a showing.  Turn on all the lights (yes, ALL the lights), open ALL the blinds and curtains, hide the pet beds/food bowls/litter boxes, wipe down the kitchen counters and bathroom sinks, etc.  You may think you’ll remember to do it all…but especially if you’re in a hurry, something may slip your mind.  Better to have it all written down and double check before you leave the house!

It seems like a LOT of work…and, to be quite honest, it IS a lot of work.  But keep in mind, you are selling a HOUSE!  And when it’s all over (and it will be over eventually, I promise!), you can clutter up your house as much as your little heart desires 😉


Thinking About buying or selling a property in the Pinehurst or Moore County area? Call me at (910) 691-7831 or email at I’m here to save you time and money on Pinehurst Real Estate.


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10 things to do Around Pinehurst Area other than Play Golf

If you’re anything like me, you probably love golf and often can’t tear yourself away from the course. But you also may be wondering, what else there is to do in this great town?
Dawn Wallace, Staff Writer at Triangle Business Journal, created a great list of 10 local sights to see, tastes to try and sounds to enjoy. Some of these may be in plain sight, while others are hidden treasures of Moore County that are not well known.

1. Early risers can find a table at Betsy’s Crepes in downtown Southern Pines, on the corner of West Pennsylvania and Broad Street. Crepes come in a variety of flavors and toppings to try, and be sure not to miss the local artwork on the walls. Catch a seat at the bar and you can watch your crepe being prepared.

2. Runners can take in nature while hitting the trail at the Reservoir Park, with 2.1 miles looping around a lake off of N.C. Highway 22, beside Sandhills Community College.

3. If you missed the Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance classic and antique automobile show last year, you can get your fill in Pinebluff, just south of Aberdeen on U.S. Highway 1, at Kelly’s Classic Auto Museum.

4. Watch private planes land on an airstrip hidden in Carthage while eating local barbecue and fried pickles. The Pik-N-Pig is a local lunchtime favorite, located at 194 Gilliam McConnell Road on a private airfield, and if you happen to be flying in, the coordinates are: N 35-20-366, W 079-26-204. This is one of my favorite hidden treasures – and a great place to take my friends, Colin and Aidan.

5. Stroll through 10 historic and iconic gardens in the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens at Sandhills Community College on Airport Road. There, you’ll see English gardens, a conifer garden, a rose garden, a Japanese garden, a garden featuring wetland flora, and fruit and vegetables gardens, among others.

6. For an eclectic theater experience, the historic Sunrise Theatre downtown Southern Pines on Broad Street offers indie films, wine and beer along with your popcorn. During the next two weeks, you can view films such as “Raise the Roof” or enjoy Bolshoi Ballet Series, featuring Swan Lake.

7. Body, mind and soul wellness can be addressed in a studio above the SunriseTheatre, at Hot Asana Yoga. The yoga studio offers daily classes and features a store where you can purchase clothing and fresh, healthy snacks. Hot Asana Yoga also has a second location in Durham.

8. Visit a local brewery. The Railhouse Brewery in Aberdeen is a great place for local craft brewery in Moore County, as is Southern Pines Brewing Co. At Railhouse, there’s a good chance you’ll catch some live music.

9. The Village of Pinehurst is an attraction on its own. Just a short stroll away from Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, visitors can shop and dine at a variety of boutiques and family-owned restaurants, including Dugan’s Pub, the Village Deli, Lori’s Golf Shop, Dazzle designer resale and Old Sport & Gallery.

10. If you’re staying at the Pinehurst Resort or just have some downtime to pamper yourself, the Pinehurst Spa is the most luxurious place in town to soak in a jaccuzi, get a massage, or revitalize your skin with expert attention from spa staff.

Although you will often find me on the golf course or enjoying time with my friends in town, I’m looking forward to enjoying Pinehurst to its fullest. How ’bout you?!

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9 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom on the Cheap!

bathroom-renovation-5With a few DIY-friendly tips, you can put off that major renovation! I was excited to read the below article from – highlighting great tips to beautify your bathroom on the cheap with 9 easy tips. Keep reading to find out how!

Sorry to get TMI on you, but we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom. And many things about that room — the fact that you’re alone in there without distractions, the amount of fixed design elements crammed into a small space, the potential for dirt and clutter — give it the potential to look outdated quite quickly. No wonder it’s consistently been the most popular home renovation project in this country. If you don’t have the $40,700 an average bathroom reno costs, though, there are still ways to upgrade your porcelain palace on your own.

Here are a few great DIY tricks we’ve found.

1. Declutter with pretty things

Start with the easiest bathroom upgrade: organize that stuff that winds up scattered all over your counter, shelves, toilet tank, and bathtub ledge. Depending on your personality, this could also be the hardest fix to maintain. That’s when you might want to try storing your most-used items in this gorgeous DIY mason-jar rack. If you have the counter space, you could also store makeup brushes in a vase filled with coffee beans (bonus smell!), cotton balls and tools in teacups and creamers, or soaps and shampoos in a metal fruit basket.

2. Declutter with hidden storage

Instead of piling hair accessories and appliances in a heap on the counter or at the bottom of yucky cabinets and drawers, screw a magazine storage box to the inside of a cabinet door, use drawer organizers with wild abandon, and attach a magnetic strip to your medicine cabinet to hold all those bobby pins, tweezers, and the like.

3. Embellish the cabinet doors

Instead of replacing your entire vanity, you can just make the doors more attractive. The projects here — painting, attaching molding, using painted shims — are listed as kitchen cabinet makeovers, but as long as the materials aren’t susceptible to water damage, you can use them in the bathroom too.

4. Peel off that laminate

If you’ve got laminated cabinets, you might be able to peel them and paint on the wooden surface underneath, just as this blogger did with a whole kitchen. (Test in an unseen corner first!)

5. Frame the mirror

Pick up some more molding, paint it, glue it, and turn your face into a museum masterpiece.

6. Ditch the towel rack

Replace that ugly metal bar with cute coat hooks or even doorknobs. You can arrange them in a row or at different heights, and replace them whenever the whim strikes you.

7. Resurface your sink and vanity in concrete

If you have a marble vanity with an integral sink (such a dated look), you can copy the look you see in trendy restaurant bathrooms by basically painting on layers of concrete.

8. Refinish your bathtub

Pepto-Bismol–colored tub? Rusty-bottomed tub? You might be tempted to hire a contractor to rip the whole damn thing out. Instead, pick up a Rust-oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit, a roller, and a heavy-duty painter’s mask and refinish the thing yourself.

9. Add some tunes

Anyone who’s ever owned a shower radio can tell you they’re not exactly built to last, nor are they built for their looks. By the power of Bluetooth, however, there’s now this unobtrusive bathroom fan/speaker that will have you singing in the shower and/or piping smooth tunes for your guests from your phone or computer. (We’re not going to go through all the TMI reasons that’s a good idea.)

*information gathered from

Whether you just have a single question, or you’re ready to begin your real estate journey, I’m here for my clients both current and future.

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Have you Heard about the 229 Club at Pinehurst?

Putty Boy

Every Friday a group of Pinehurst Golf Members gather at Paynes Pub to play golf and end the round by sharing a drink and appetizers with fellow players. Show up, put your name in the hat and your team is created. You will be paired with a Pinehurst golf pro to create a five person team . The format is a 9 hole scramble making it fun for all skill levels.

Open to everyone and loads of fun! A great way to spend a Friday afternoon, meet new friends and maybe even pick up a few tips from the pros!!!!

Paynes Pub is located in the Members Dining area at the Main Club. Hope to see you there!

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Congrats to Pinehurst!


Just last year Movoto Real Estate Blog brought you the safest 10 cities in each state, according to the (then) most recent Crime Report from the FBI. Today, they’re at it again. They went from state to state and city to city, looking at the newest FBI Crime Report, to keep you current and most of all, to keep you safe.

And today they’re lookin’ at North Carolina. Movoto Real Estate Blog went straight to the experts for this updated information. Just a short time ago, the FBI released the crime statistics from 2013, so using this latest 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Report they examined North Carolina’s crime.

Then they calculated the number of crimes per person (per capita) in each of the 68 places in North Carolina with populations of 10,000 people or more. From there, they ranked each place with a score from 1 to 68 according in the above criteria, with scores closer to one being safer. Next, they weighted these rankings so that murders, violent crimes, and property crimes each made up 30 percent of the overall score, while the total number of crimes made up just 10 percent. And finally, they averaged these weighted rankings into an overall Big Deal Score, where the lowest score went to our safest place.

That’s you, Pinehurst. Congrats!

Whether you just have a single question, or you’re ready to begin your real estate journey, I’m here for my clients both current and future. Contact me today at (910) 691-7831 or visit my website for more information!


New Year. New Blog!

Happy New Year and welcome to my new Sandhills Luxury Home’s Blog!
I look forward to sharing new and exciting updates about Pinehurst and the surrounding Moore County Real Estate Market and what is happening around town. Looking for fun activities during Easter weekend in Pinehurst? Check back soon for a calendar of events. Want a few dinner recommendations in the area? You’ve come to the right place. Throughout this blog, I plan on not only sharing with you helpful real estate buying and selling tips, but also shed some light on why I love living in Pinehurst.

Did you know? There are many different communities in the Pinehurst area with specific flare and trend that a residential buyer should know before making any decisions. The same applies to the communities in the surrounding Moore County area. This is where I become instrumental, based on my extensive experience and knowledge of the Pinehurst area and reputation, in assisting you in your future search.

Planning to purchase a new home? Visit my recently updated website, or click here to browse my current listings and contact me if a property catches your eye. Let me know if you’re looking for specific items (for instance, a gated golf community, golf front property, horse farm, water front property), and I can search new listings for you and contact you as they become available.

Let me find your dream home! By filling out my simple dream home finder form, I will start a comprehensive real estate search on your behalf to find the home you’ve always been looking for.

Stay tuned for new posts coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy some pictures I captured below of the New Years Eve preparations in Pinehurst, as well as fellow golfers enjoying New Year’s Eve golf on Pinehurst No. 2 on a picture perfect Pinehurst day!

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